value stick

    I STICK3 copy
    • High bonding strength
    • Ideal for the assembly, joint and area bonding applications
    • The size of our product start from (200MG,900G,3.5KG,10KG,25KG,50KG,and 125KG)
    • For assembly bonding applications (dowel, tongue and groove, mortise and tenor joints)
    • For joints (solid wood, edge banding etc.)
    • Large surface area bonding, HPL boards, hardboard etc.
             1 –  Material preparation:
                  Work pieces should be clean and a tight fit. Woods with high oil or tannin content,
                  such as teak, should be wiped  off with acetone before applying the glue.
                  Wood moisture content should be between 12 and  8%.Higher moisture content increases final setting time
              2 – Glue application:
                   Apply Ponal Lacquer and Varnish Glue to one surface with a brush,
                   plastic comb (Ponal adhesive comb),    
                   Glue roller, or glue application device. With hard woods glue must be applied to both surfaces.
                   Do not use tools that contain iron(risk of discoloration)
             3 – Application temperature:
                   Do not apply below 5 °C.
            4 – Clamping pressure:
                  surface bonding> 0.2 N/mm2
                  assembly bonding and hard woods> 0.5 N/mm2
                  work pieces under tension generally required higher clamping pressure.
            5 – Pressing:
                  Pressing can either be hot or cold with the usually tools, appliances or presses.
            6 – Clamping time:
                   Clamping time depends on the ambient conditions, wood type and moisture content and the amount of
                   glue applied. Under normal conditions minimum  clamping time is:
    •      bonding wood approx. 60-90 minutes at 20°C
                   approx. 45-60 minutes at 30°C
    •      bonding HPL board approx.120 minutes at 20 °C
                   approx. 90  minutes at 40 °C
                   approx. 45  minutes at 60 °C
                   With hot pressing work pieces can be further worked after they have cooled.
             7 – Wood discolouration:
                   The pH of Ponal is 3.5. With oil or tannin containing woods discoloration is unlikely if no iron-containing   
                   tools are used during glue application. Wood discoloration can be removed with a 2-3 % aqueous oxalic acid solution.
              8 – Open time:
                   Open time depends on room temperature, relative humidity, wood hardness and moisture content and the
                   amount of glue applied. At a room temperature of 20° time is a maximum of 8 minutes. Locate      
                   work pieces while the glue is still wet.
             9 – Packing :
                   200 ml + 900 gm up to 5kg