I STICK2
    I Stick Glue Stick is a quick sticking, no mess, no fuss, non-wrinkle or crinkling glue stick, which is excellent for use at school, in the office and at home. This solvent free, easy to use glue stick is non-toxic and safe for children. It is ideal for sticking most paper materials including card, crepe and tissue paper, foil, cellophane, photographs and much more .
    Ideal home, office and school work, where it can be used art and crafts, scrap booking, photo albums, school projects, handicraft and decorative work, greeting cards, invitations and paper decorations. ADHESION I Stick bonds to most porous materials .
              1 – Material preparation:
                    Work pieces should be clean and a tight fit before applying the glue. 
                    Higher moisture content increases final setting time .
              2 – Glue application
                   Apply  Glue to both surfaces with a brush, plastic comb, glue roller, or glue application device .
                  Do not use  tools that contain iro  (risk of discoloration) .
             3 – Application temperature:
                   Do not apply below 5 °C .
              4 – Clamping pressure:
                    surface bonding> 0.2 N/mm2
                    work pieces under tension generally required higher clamping pressure .
              5 – Pressing:
                   Pressing can either be hot or cold with the usually tools, appliances or presses .
              6 – Clamping time:
                   Clamping time depends on the ambient conditions during glue application and the material to be adhered .
              7 – Open time:
                   Open time depends on room temperature, relative humidity, Amount of glue applied. At a room Temp. of
                   20°C.open time is a maximum of 2 minutes. Locate Work pieces while the glue is still wet .